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By Bigal44

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Crinodendron is supposed to be evergreen but why have all the leaves fallen of mine? it has flowered well thro' summer

On plant Crinodendron



They hate drought and will drop leaves quickly when it's present.
Plus, they're not too keen on winds and in exposed positions will do the same.

11 Oct, 2011


As my plant is in a large pot do you think it will help by bringing it indoors over the winter? Thanks Louise1

11 Oct, 2011


Hmmm, not so sure, Bigal.
You've not said, in your profile, where in the country you are - if you're in the south i'd leave it outside.

As it's a potted plant the chances of the plants leaves dropping due to insufficient watering is quite high, when you water it use the hose, let the pot fill up to the top of the rim with water. Do this twice more and then stop. This method should be adopted at each watering from spring to late summer.

Really this plant wants to be outside where it's roots can run free, containing a plant of this size is a bit cruel !

11 Oct, 2011


Thanks again Louise1.
I live in the West Midlands near Birmingham and as this plant is only 2 feet tall I thought starting it in a large pot would help it get a good start for a couple of years. I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and planted it in the ground and lost it in the first year thats another reason why I potted this one. I used Ericaceous compost as stated on the label. I think I will keep it inside for this winter and see how it goes and perhaps put it in the ground next spring if it survives.
Thanks again


11 Oct, 2011

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