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Hi what is the best way to take firethorn cuttings and when, and how much space do you leave between each cutting when replanting into the ground



Hi Oldcrock ..
I shall be interested in the answers to this ;o)

8 Oct, 2011


Ok..Pull up a chair Terratoonie and sit comfortably.

First things first I love the name Firethorn, it is not used enough.

Sadly you are too late Oldcrock to to do it this year so next july take 3/4 inch cuttings of new growth..the current years growth. Bung them in to a free draining cutting compost , add a little sand works better. Try to keep them at about 60 f. Pot them up when they have good roots in a 3inch pot then over winter them in a cold frame. still with me....?

In the next April pot them up again in 5 inch pots and plunge them in an outdoor bed.......Then in October plant them in the place you want them to grow permanently.

8 Oct, 2011


Thanks Pimpernel ...
Useful advice :o)))

8 Oct, 2011


Firethorns , Pyracantha are absolutely stunning this year.

8 Oct, 2011


Yes, I have several pyracanthas, each with different colour berries.

8 Oct, 2011


I can never decide which colour is my favourite TT, I wonder how the birds decide?

8 Oct, 2011


Maybe the birds choose by taste and well as colour ;o)

9 Oct, 2011


Hi Pimpernel, that is interesting in what you have said, I spoke to a gardener and he said october will be ideal to take cuttings cheers

9 Oct, 2011


October is the best time to plant them out, the best time for taking cuttings is July to August. But with a plant like pyracantha there is no harm in trying I guess. If they don't take you can always take some in July.

9 Oct, 2011


Cheers for that Pimpernel

9 Oct, 2011


Why not try layering? Bend a low branch to the ground, cut a small slit in it and bury that part in the soil. Peg it down and wait until next year. Eventually it should root and can then be separated from the parent. You won't get as many plants as with a lot of cuttings but it is easier and the new plants are bigger.

9 Oct, 2011


Hi Steragram, thank you for your suggestion cheers

10 Oct, 2011


good luck with that then!

11 Oct, 2011

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