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Dear Friends, I bought a Belief standard a few months ago, (not from you) but on its arrival it was in a sorry state; responding to my complaints the sellers refunded my money and said nothing about the plant. I have since treated it for the various diseases with an all round (blanket) spray that covers a wide range of plant ailments. It seems to be doing ok, but! As beliefs are used in recipes’ would it be safe to do so? Also; its trying to return to its Bush State, as there is much growth coming from its roots! This pleases me as I really wanted a bush, but! Was unable to get one at that time, Could I cut the standard off at the base and continue with the bush form? 2 pictures included, the belief as it was on arrival and as it is now.

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You ask two questions, Al. Firstly, you can still use the Bay leaves in cooking but I would not do so for a long time after using the sprays. Give them plenty of time to work through the plant and to wash off - maybe as much as a year.
Secondly, your tree is very likely to be grafted. If you look down at the bottom of the stem there will be a lumpy bit. This is the point where the Belief form of the Bay tree has been grafted onto any old Bay rootstock. It you cut the stem off you will have a bush Bay but it will not be Belief.

3 Oct, 2011


Thnks Bulbaholic, get u r point.......

7 Oct, 2011

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