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Palm tree


By Baxter

United Kingdom Gb

I moved a palm tree in the autumn but it now looks like it has died as there are only brown leaves left, is there anyway that it could still be alive and if so how can I treat it?? I would hate to lose it



Baxter, was this a large palm? How long have you had it for? Has it been healthy otherwise, before replanting? I gather you don't have it in a pot, do you? Do you know the species name of it? Look up on google and see what you can find out about it. Some species don't like shifting, others don't like frost. But more than likely it is just stressed. Just give it some time and see if new little green fronds are coming from the middle as they should do. You can also poke in the trunk with a probe or sharp knife just to see if it comes out wet, in which case it is still alive. Don't despair.I've seen many palm trees replanted and they mostly take off again after some time.

7 Mar, 2009


The palm is around 4 ft high, it was in the front garden since before I lived here so at least 6years. I have re-planted it in the ground similar to where it was before. I have checked on google and it is a cordyline plant which I think is classed as 'palmlike'! Should I cut all the brown leaves off or wait until it is warmer?? I live in the South of england which is where they are supposed to flourish! Thank you for all your advice xx

7 Mar, 2009

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