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thunbergia mysorensis seeds (lady slipper)


By Joez

Israel Il

I would like to buy / trade thunbergia mysorensis seeds where may I get few?



My goodness you have a huge garden? Tell me where you would like to plant them, because I can tell you, they are fast growing and fast overtaking your whole garden. I had one on the edge of my shadecloth greenhouse, and it looked great, until I discovered it had climbed right into a tree and was strangling it and also growing everywhere over my shadecloth. I have tried to kill that one and cut it back all the way to the ground, which meant heaps and heaps of mulch leaves and twigs, but it keeps coming back. It gets no chance now, because I am there every few weeks to pull off the new growth. I have another one on my pergola, it flowered for 6 months on end and I have to keep trimming it back as it is a vine and wants to take over. But it does provide shade in front of the veranda, so it has a purpose. I do agree the flowers are beautiful and hang in long bracts dangling. Little honey eaters love it too. I am just telling you: you've got to know where you want to put it, as it is overpowering. I don't know where you live, but your local nursery would have a plant in a pot for you I am sure. I have actually never seen any seeds on the plant, but of course they should be in the flowers. It is a tropical vine and if you live in a cold climate you shouldn't grow them as they don't like frost.

4 Mar, 2009


Hi, thanks for the detailed answer, I live in Israel mediteranean climate , non of the nursary here have this vine, I have 3 types of thunbergia ( grandiflora, blusihg suzie and cocconea) I cut them hard the end of winter (that keep them in place) and they grow very quickly so we enjoy the flowers during summer to fall .

4 Mar, 2009

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