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By Funguy

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Planting spring bulbs - Advice sought for creating the best effect when planting, mainly daffodils?

I am wondering, when planting in groups that will be spotted around the garden, how many bulbs to plant per group? And how do you choose to locate the planting for nice effects? I have over a hundred,maybe nearly two.

Also are squirrels a problem, as i was told they dig them up?



Plant the bulbs in clumps fairly close together and certainly closer than the planting advice suggests. Next spring you want a bold display not disparate flowers scattered across a large area. 200 bulbs about 10 planting areas would be what I did, in other words a minimum of 20 bulbs per group but you want balance so some will be less than 20 and others more... think what is likely to look, to our eyes, natural (in the wild natural means a bulb here and there!). Yes squirrels can be a problem you need to bury your bulbs three times the depth of the actual bulb and may need to put a cage of chicken wire over them before replacing the soil.

15 Sep, 2011


One 'natural' looking planting method comes from dropping handfuls of bulbs at a time and planting them where they land. This works well when you have the space for it.
As for the squirrels - that would depend on whether you are planting in grass or soil and with so many bulbs I'm not sure what to advise, but others here will be able to help.

15 Sep, 2011


Or you could do what my ex- did and plant them in straight lines! Grrrr! I don't recommend that action if you wish to keep your relationship intact! ;o)

16 Sep, 2011


Me neither, nor do I advocate the arty bit of a single bulbs dotted around...

16 Sep, 2011


this has been very useful for me as I am getting ready to plant spring bulbs for the first time ..although mine will be in pots so throwing them sounds great but maybe I need to go for the un-natural look:0) lol

16 Sep, 2011


Moongrower, i did all the planting today, and your advice was very helpful. Thank you.

I planted them in beds Ojibway, and thankyou for your helpful advice.

No straight lines or single bulbs just planted in groups dotted around the garden. A fulfilling day and looking forward to the display come spring, fingers crossed the look good when they come out!

16 Sep, 2011


Funguy I'm sure your bulbs will appear and impress you! Kate pack your bulbs in tight in the container.

16 Sep, 2011


I would just like to add, check the height of the tulips, they vary in height, ive been caught out with this before, also there are early and late flowering types!

24 Sep, 2011

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