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I have established that my Tomato's suffered with blight this year, how do I prevent this happening next year. all my plants were outside either in grow bags or in the ground.



It's best to keep tomatoes under cover in a wet, warm year because they're very susceptible to blight in these conditions. If you don't have a greenhouse, however, perhaps a fungicide spray several times at the beginning of the season would help. Other members will probably have better ideas. We had blight last year on our outside plants, so kept most of them in the greenhouse this year. Even so, we didn't get any blight at all on the few I left outside, and I didn't spray them with anything. Whereabouts do you live, because the blight was perhaps worse in your area. It's an airborne disease, I believe, so it could have come from anywhere. How about investing in one of those mini greenhouses with just a plastic cover over them? They sell them in Wilkinson's quite cheap, and you could keep your tomatoes in pots under cover that way. Hope this helps. Annie

13 Sep, 2011


Prevention for next year, throw away the compost that was in the grow bags, do not add to your compost bin or put on the soil. Do not grow your tomatoes in the same spot in the soil that you had them this year. Anne my experience has been that tomatoes outside get less blight than those in greenhouses as there is more movement of air around them. Plant them well apart so that the air can actually move around and through them. That said this has been a bad year for blight on tomatoes and potatoes. We have never had blight on either before but had on both this year - presumably because it was so wet and cool. Due to where we live the tomatoes are in a greenhouse and that will be thoroughly scrubbed come October/November. We rotated where are potatoes are each year so trust there wont be a problem there.

14 Sep, 2011


Each year for the last 4 years my tomatoes have had blight. The greenhouse has been emptied and brushed with Jeyes Fluid bi-annually. The last few summers have been cold and damp but this year dry and warm plus I increased ventilation and grew from seed a tomato with higher blight resistance but they've still succumbed but later in the season so a better result. The plants have a barrier to the soil below but I do have weed suppressant down on the ground and gravel, so wonder if the blignt spore is in the gravel although that was disinfected too.

14 Sep, 2011


We grow ours in containers in the greenhouse sitting in trays so that everything can be cleaned... hopefully this was a one off!

14 Sep, 2011


I hope that's the case for you too Moongrower. We'll have to compare notes next September.

14 Sep, 2011


Yup we will!

14 Sep, 2011


Thanks for your comments, hope we have better luck next year.


15 Sep, 2011


Me too Tony.

15 Sep, 2011

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