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By Yifang

bristol, United Kingdom Gb

thanks dawnsaunt, but what are the best growing conditions for ques in a greenhouse?



Plenty of water and oodles of food like garden compost, chicken manure pellets, etc., and try to keep them out of full sun if you can, Yifang. Beware of spider mite though, as the little critters love warm conditions. Keep spraying the cue plants, as they don't like wet! Hope this helps..Annie

13 Sep, 2011


Hi Yifang. Cucumbers like humidity, lots of warm water too (I keep a couple of warering cans with them so warm when poured) and loads of well rotted muck. They like water sprayed onto them too unlike tomatoes. Sometimes easier to grow them in a big coldframe where they can lie rather than climb canes.

14 Sep, 2011

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