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HI, I brought some bulbs this time last year , a mixture, from a garden centre, I did not get around to planting them. They have just been left in there clear plastic bags in a dark place since. Can I still plant them now for the spring? or maybe I should buy some more? Many thanks. Rebecca



Have you had a look at them Rebecca? I did this once and found that they'd all sprouted in the bag and produced long, l-o-n-g yellow/white growths that were trying to be leaves in the dark. If your bulbs have done this you may as well throw them away as they won't be able to produce any more growth. If yours look normal I'd shove them in the ground - what have you got to lose?

For insurance purposes, you could buy just a few bulbs now and plant those as well. Then you KNOW you'll have some spring flowers to enjoy next year.

13 Sep, 2011


Welcome to GOY. If the bulbs are still firm they may be fine but if there is any sign of disease on them I would bin them. Bulbs are relatively cheap and I have often bought when it is way past planting time and still got a show from them. It is always worth buying reduced price expensive bulbs and risking losing them. The flowers are already waiting in the bulb so the first year of new bulbs being planted you are almost certain to get flowers.

13 Sep, 2011

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