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I have a magnolia in a pot, it's about 2feet and not very old. Some of the magnolia's leaves are going yellow and have brown spots, I water with both rain and tap water and feed with a rose feed after removing the effected leaves, please could you let me know what I should do



It sounds as though the soil in the magnolia's pot isn't rich enough, Wellieboot. They need an acid to neutral soil, kept quite moist, and the fact that yours has yellowing leaves with brown spots suggests a deficiency of some sort. I take it it's not pot-bound as well? Has it been in the same pot all the time? It may need potting on, and if so, add plenty of peat or leaf-mould to the soil, and give it an ericacious feed. One way or another, that should do the trick. Hope that helps....Annie

12 Sep, 2011


Also rose food is not what you need for a magnolia... try an ericaceous feed.

13 Sep, 2011


Alway remember that if you grow shrubs in containers you will leach out nutrients very quickly every time that you water as against a shrub that is grown in the ground. Alway look to use a complete slow-release fertiliser containing iron, magnesium, boron etc. Wait until spring to feed now.

13 Sep, 2011


This is a little message of Thanks to Jimmytheone, Moon growe and Anneashby for giving me very good advise, fingers crossed the plant will servive!!

18 Sep, 2011


Good luck Wellyboot!

18 Sep, 2011

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