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I have a Picea sitchensis 'nana' that has grown too large for the garden; I am told it can be pruned down, but I am concerned that I will have have it pruned severely to be in the appropriate size and then have to keep at it. I don't think it should have been planted here, as the Mugho Pines are much better sizes.

What is the natural size of this shrub in the wild? I don't like to over manage plants to conform to an inappropriate size for their kind.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
Barbara B.

Thank you all for your information re the Pisces s. "nana". It is very helpful and appreciated.
Barbara B. (Hope I did did correctly, so you get my message.)



All 'dwarf' conifers eventually get to big for the space they are planted in Bulba and I have, over the 21 years we've been in our garden, planted and then removed several. I view them as medium term shrubs, i.e. 10 years maximum. We even had to remove a Pinus mugho that had got too big after approx 15 years. I personally would try pruning Picea sitchensis 'nana' but the person who has the real knowledge is Bluespruce - try sending him a PM

13 Sep, 2011


If this one is classed as a dwarf, and its height is between 1 and 5 feet after 10 years, then ultimately, it will make a tree between 10 and 25 feet (obviously, 1 foot after 10 years equates to 10 feet ultimately, and so on...)

13 Sep, 2011


Unfortunately, Spruces are among the many conifers that don't resprout once they are pruned back to bare wood. Better to find someone who wants a big specimen, and start over with a new one, or a slower variety, or be ready to prune yearly for size and shape--bonsai books could be helpful in keeping it's shape.

14 Sep, 2011


Drat I've just re-read my comment I meant to say 'I wouldn't prune it'!

14 Sep, 2011


"Been there. Done that.", MG! : )

17 Sep, 2011



17 Sep, 2011

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