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I am looking for weed cover to go under gravel that actually works as the stuuf under thr gravel currently is useless and Idon't want to waste money on stuff that will be just as uselessDuncan

Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for all the comments - I have been given a few useful tips here - so I will decide on the best option

On plant Weed Cover



Increase the depth of the gravel.

30 Aug, 2011


Thansk that may work but i am still interested to find out if there is a weed cover that actually works

30 Aug, 2011


I haven't found anything that works for any length of time.

Pimpernel is right to say you need a thick enough layer of gravel to stop light getting through to what's under the anti-weed layer but what happens then is that you have enough gravel to accomodate enough soil blown in over a period for some weeds to grow entirely above the membrane.

30 Aug, 2011


Most people skimp on the gravel, that aside there are plants and weeds that will thrive in gravel alone. If you want a weed free gravel make it deep enough and rake it now and then. No need for a membrane.

30 Aug, 2011


What has always worked for us is...take your empty Compost bags...preferably with black inside...cut top and bottom off...cut down one side and open out...lay the bag black side up...make a shallow trench to bury the ends....overlap each cut bag to the length and width that you want, lay gravel over the doesn't have to be that deep, but enough to cover adequately...sweep it on don't rake, you might catch the joins in the bags..We've used this method for years...and it works, and costs nothing other than the compost you use for your pots etc anyway...
You will always get airborn weed seeds, but they are so easy to pick out...Good luck...

30 Aug, 2011


When Bulba created our gravel paths he dug to a depth of 12 inches as we wanted the soil for a raised bed. The resulting trenches were filled with gravel... this was approx 18 years ago - we have never had a problem with weeds. Putting down cut up compost bags and applying a thin layer of gravel isn't going to work long term. The gravel will tear the bags as they start to erode and you'll have a real mess.

30 Aug, 2011


I use wicks driveway fabric, its very tough you wont get weeds coming through, however yes you can increase the gravel depth but too much and if its fine gravel then can be like walking on sand and if its being used for a driveway then too much will create furrows, remember even with a tough membrane over time dust particles build up inc the dust from the gravel and a seed bed forms, but the driveway fabric is far better than some of the flimsy membranes you can buy.

30 Aug, 2011


Julien when we first walked on the gravel pathways it was, indeed, like walking on a shingle beach - only took a few months to consolidate!

30 Aug, 2011


I only have the weed suppressant membrane under my gravel area,and its been fine,,the odd weed appears,which is inevitable,but easily pulled out..If the area is well prepared beforehand,with sand underneath the membrane, any sharp stones removed,and well tamped down,It should be fine..It has to be able to 'breathe' for drainage,unless you want puddles or flooding.

31 Aug, 2011


The gravel will tear the bags as they start to erode and
you'll have a real mess.

From Moon growe

Disagree there Moon growe have used plenty of other methods, and the plastic bags are thick, they don't rot and I've not had tears yet...Obviously not suitable for driving vehicles over...but general garden paths etc, perfect...Our latest one has be down over three available...

31 Aug, 2011


Obviously working for you, I've seen the results when others have tried this and then had to sort again. Moon_grower

31 Aug, 2011


I have a slightly sloping gravel area (on my photos) the weed suppressant membrane and 4" of 1/2 inch gravel has worked perfectly and in 7-8 years has not grown any weeds I rake it over once a year. I agree with Bloomer if you prepare the site and clear the roots before laying the weed suppressant membrane it will do its job well.

31 Aug, 2011


Has anyone tried carpet? I've heard some people are trying it and swearing by it. They say it works a lot better than the landscaping fabric and doesn't disintegrate with time...and it's free and readily available.

27 Nov, 2013

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