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Over a period of a couple of days 1 inch deep holes about two inches in diameter have appeared in the lawn. In some cases the turf/moss has been peeled back and some left attached to the edge of the hole. I have been involved with gardening/agriculture, though not professionally for over 70 years and have never seen this before. The garden is totally enclosed



Sounds like some sort of nocturnal rodent/animal as to big for an insect? Have you got a photo?

30 Aug, 2011


how about squirrels? they make scrapes like this in my garden.

30 Aug, 2011


Could it be raccoons? They do that here when searching for grubs to eat.

30 Aug, 2011


We don't get racoons in UK! More likely foxes after worms/grubs.

30 Aug, 2011


this happend in my garden it waqs a badger after staying up all night could a badger be getting into your garden

30 Aug, 2011


Thanks for your comments. I think it has to be squirrels although I can't think what they are digging for as there are no nut trees in the locality

6 Sep, 2011

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