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I only have a container garden but every year our town has a garden competiton and i've been fortunate to win a 1st & 2nd place in the 2 years i've entered. I am already planning my garden for next year and i want to go for the colours of the olympic games circles which are blue, black, red, yellow & green. The competition is always in August so i'm keen to find flowers of these colours that will be in full bloom during this month. Can you help with a list of flowers in these colours that i could plant please?



No suggestions but congrats on your wins!

30 Aug, 2011


Well done you. I made a list and then realised you only had 1 container? So I have chosen smaller plants
Blue - Pansy 'Blue botch' Black - Black Grass - Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ Yellow - Dahlias or Marigolds, Red - Annual Salvias or Dahlias, and for Green - foliage plants Heuchera 'lime marmalade' or Alchemilla Lady's Mantle

30 Aug, 2011


You could do the Olympic colours out of Pansies alone.

30 Aug, 2011

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