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I have a small wall (about 8'high x 12'long) that is part of the house, north east facing, that I wish to plant with an evergreen climber to benefit birds and insects, English Ivy would have been my first choice but as we do not own our home I felt the damage it may cause would no doubt get us into trouble, any suggestions will be much appreciated. Many Thanks, P Crawford.



Euonymus fortunei 'Silver Queen' is a shrub that will 'clamber' up a wall. It's a variegated evergreen, so very attractive all year round, and birds love to hide in it. When it flowers - the flowers aren't much to look at - I see butterflies and bees on it.

It's also very well behaved.:-)

22 Aug, 2011


Cotoneaster horizontalis will form a fan in front of the wall without harming it.

23 Aug, 2011


A beautiful self clinger is Hydrangea petiolaris, that would look great there.
Alternatively, tie in a climbing rose and an evergreen clematis.

23 Aug, 2011


Thanks All,
After much consideration I think the Hydrangea petiolaris would suit me best, I'm just trying to find out if it is evergreen, Hydrangea Seemanii seems to be but I don't know if it would suit my wall any additional info. would be helpful, many thanks.

26 Aug, 2011


Yes, H. petiolaris is evergreen.

26 Aug, 2011 it's not, it's the H. seemanii that's evergreen.

27 Aug, 2011


Can it be semi, in sheltered areas, at all ?

27 Aug, 2011

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