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i have fruits appearing for the first time ever on a hedge that has been round my house for eternity , they are like a large cherry or a small plum they have a stone inside them, i always thought the hedge was beech .



any chance of a photo? that would make it so much easier to help you

19 Aug, 2011


Look up Chaenomeles, see if its that.

19 Aug, 2011


Could be one of the the cherry plums Prunus - some of those have copper coloured leaves.

19 Aug, 2011


If there are any thorns on the stems it could be blackthorn - the fruit looks like a small damson, but you would have surely noticed the very un-beech-like white flowers in the Spring?

19 Aug, 2011


Could the hedge be a laurel that has been unpruned for some time, if so it will have flowered and at this time of the year you will notice clusters of largish marble like black fruits which contain a stone that is a little smaller than a damson stone, what is the foliage like, is it small,large, evergreen? what colour were the flowers?

19 Aug, 2011

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