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I purchased 6 tomato plants from Morrisons in Penrith.the tomatos in the photo are the result.Last time we were in Penrith I metioned these tomatos to one of the staff...he threw a wobbly and said NO one had ever complained.I told him I was just interested in where they had been grown..The flowers looked like mini sunflowers they were quite beautiful.Have you ever seen any thing like this before ? regards Marie Todd




How strange, must say i've never seen anything like them before. Do you know what variety they are . ?

18 Aug, 2011


They could be Brandywine I grew some last year and again this year I had the same thoughts last year and put a photo on here and shows the flower as you described

18 Aug, 2011


Wonder if it was the growing conditions rather than the plant ?

18 Aug, 2011


Brandywine also often has extra petals on the blooms, too.

18 Aug, 2011

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