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My tomapoes are a flop.They have no size and what I have are tough skinned.I have Shirley ang G.Delight.I am watering and feeding from the bottom.I have taken leaves off as I usually do.I wonder if I have overdone it.I have met one or two people with the same problem.



The weather has caused a lot of problems with tomatoes this year. In this case though if the skins are tough it is due to irregular watering.

17 Aug, 2011


gardeners delight are supposed to be small - at least mine always are ! But they taste superb and I'll definitely he growing them again next year.
From what I've read tomatoes need a really good soaking just twice a week but I've watered mine every day with great results.
Sorry - not sure about the tough skins

18 Aug, 2011

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