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Can anyone tell me why the leaves on my Germanium looks so poorly in pot No1,as the flowers look o,k,On pot No2 leaves and flowers look o,k, Both wear reputed in May with multi purpose compost and some Potash added. I would be so obliged.

On plant Gumanium,

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Pot No. 1 looks like it could do with some extra nitrogen - perhaps you added slightly more potash to the mix when repotting. Also looks as if its suffered drought at some point - perhaps it gets more sun than the other one, or is in a hotter spot?

15 Jul, 2011


Thanks Bamboo,again, I have four of them for the last few years.That particular plant last year got brown spots on it,so I took 90% leaves off it and kept it in the glasshouse from last Autumn till now.I always was,I think to generous with water.This year I have cut down on the watering to about 1/2 litre a week and bring them back into the glasshouse if we have allot of rain. The other Germaniums seem to be thriving on it.I think you are right about nitrogen,if I fork in some more Potash and up the amount of water as the leaves are a bit white,do you think it would help.

15 Jul, 2011


Forget the potash, that's good for flowers - you need high nitrogen for leaves, so I'd give it a shot of Baby Bio houseplant food if that's all you have to hand.

15 Jul, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, will do,

15 Jul, 2011


I have some geraniums from tiny plugs that I kept back in very small pots (about a dozen). I potted on a short while ago into 7.6 and 9cm pots. ALL the leaves were red or yellow. Now they are all green, roots showing at base of pots. Lovely green leaves..... just food glorious food and space glorious space......yippee. I am hoping to hold them back..... to overwinter them in limited space but they may insist on being potted on again. I lost all my old geraniums this last winter. If they are allowed a really big pot they will bloom their socks off and have good leaves too.

15 Jul, 2011

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