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Trimming a 2m green cordyline

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Hi, I have just moved into a house where there is a 2m green cordyline (Australias I think) plant directly in front of the main window, although i do like the plant, its restricting the light. my question is how do i either cut the leaves back without killing it, or failing that just remove it completely. As you can probably tell I'm not a gardener.

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Hi Peterburns, You can't cut a cordyline "back"..but if you have brown leaves down the trunk, you just pull or cut them off.. in spring you could try replanting it into a better position in your garden, hope this helps.. Dee..

6 Dec, 2008


here here

6 Dec, 2008


Hi, thanks for the replies, some of the leaves have brown ends and holes in the middle of them, although they are still attached very firmly.
I had a feeling that I would be told it cant be cut back, guess the only other option i have is to dig it out and maybe see about either putting it in a pot or just bin it.

7 Dec, 2008


You're probably as much a gardener as I am. I am inundated with cordylines in my garden, here more the red species, but I had many green ones, even grown to 4 meters in my last garden. Yes, you can cut it right back, will spread, meaning that where you cut off the top section, you will get at least 3 forks growing, which will make the plant even more bushy. If you leave it it will grow and grow and also loose its bottom leaves, that's why they are brown, natural feature, when completely brown and dry they will just fall off. No new leaves are formed in those spots, as it will just reach for the sky. I cannot tell you how it would behave when replanted and if it is possible, or how wide its rootsystem is. I think they are very hardy and it would be worth a try. 2 m is not very tall yet and you can try by digging around it at a good distance, feeling if you are touching the roots or not. I have no idea how these plants behave in cooler climates and if they go semi dormant. I would hardly think so, as I have never seen new leaves on the trunk, only on the top section. If I were you, I would just leave it where it is and the leaves which are blocking your view will eventually drop off and you will only look at the trunk with leaves in the top section. Why not take a picture of the whole situation with your window so we can see exactly what you are talking about. I am so curious you know.

7 Dec, 2008


id dig it up split it and put it somewear else.i wouldnt bin it.someone will like it

7 Dec, 2008

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