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Last December I moved to a house with a 2,5 m tall palm tree. I removed the brown, dead bottom leaves but that seemed to be a mistake as towards the spring all leaves fell off and seemed like the tree was compleley dead - presumably from frostbite.

I was about to uproot the whole tree but noticed fresh, green shoots right at the bottom of the tree. It would be lovely to be able to save the tree somehow but I'm unsure whether I should get rid of the dead top bit, leave as it is or something else. Could someone help?

Many thanks in advance!



Sounds like a Cordyline australis - you can cut the trunk right down to just above where the new growth is, preferably at an angle to let rain run off. The growth at the base will grow on. Your removing the brown leaves wasn't a mistake, they were dead anyway - no growth at the top means the winter killed off the growing points and may well have damaged the whole trunk.

16 Jun, 2011

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