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Blossomless Braeburn...
Hi, I planted a young Braeburn apple tree 2 years ago. Last year we had a few apples on it, but this year, we had no blossom at all! The other trees in my garden have blossomed and have apples by the score. Does any one have any ideas? It is against a south facing wall.
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It's still pretty young. I would give it another year or two, maybe giving it a feed rich in phosphate and potash this fall, and then start worrying.

15 Jun, 2011


Many it got hit by frost around the time it should have been budding? Mine got wrecked with the gales, so no apples for me either this year :(

16 Jun, 2011


Apple trees can be very annoying. I too have one that blossomed well this year, but very early before the other pollinators were in bloom. There are a whole 3 apples on it. Previous years no or hardly any blossom at all. It is a cooker called Charlotte. Last autumn I planted Blue Moon Clematis against it,as that is all that it is good for! Another reluctant one is propping up a thornless blackberry that wants to grow near it. There was a fascinating programme on apple trees in UK on TV last night. Infuriating, as all the trees were loaded, as it was about commercial apple growing on M9 rootstock. Dig it up and plant a pear. They are not such a tease as apples.

16 Jun, 2011


HI everyone, We have fed it well, but I think the early blossom might well be the issue here. I also think that I will look for a lovely pear tree too. I really appreciate you all taking the time to message me back. Cheers Violette

17 Jun, 2011

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