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how does ph affect sex determination in cucumi sativus

On plant Cucumis



I don't think it has an affect. I suppose if your PH is way out, it could effect flowering due to nutrient availability and therefore plant health, but flower sex,i don't think so... If it did i would be very interested to here about it!

This further information on the subject may interest you -
'Sex Determination in the Monoecious Species Cucumber Is Confined to Specific Floral Whorls'


14 Jun, 2011


In my experience, temperature has far more effect than pH. Temperatures above 38ยบ C often cause the plants to produce only male flowers.

15 Jun, 2011


Not a problem we have in Wales then...

15 Jun, 2011


LOL! I should hope not! May be pretty common in Kuwait, though.

15 Jun, 2011



16 Jun, 2011

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