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slug pellets around veg plants?



Only if they are the ones that are wildlife friendly.

12 Jun, 2011


Slug pellets attract slugs to them, then poison them (hurray!). Sprinkle them very sparsely. Apparantly, farmers spread them at 18 inch intervals and get good results, so...less is more!

12 Jun, 2011


If you use the none wildlife friendly ones its a good idea to put them under a stone, a slate of piece of wood etc, so that the birds are not tempted to eat the poisoned slugs.

12 Jun, 2011


Quite, exactly the point I was making!

12 Jun, 2011


Strange that you are advising Slugbell and your nickname is slugbell....could this be surreptitious advertising?

28 Jun, 2011


It is I have flagged to the boys...

28 Jun, 2011

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