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Lime Tree. Does anyone know what this is on the leaves of my neighbour's lime tree? It looks like little shoots!




Have a look at this page of the Gardeners World site -

11 Jun, 2011


Yes, it is nail gall. Believe it or not, they don't really harm the tree that much. Many tree species ans other plants have their own particular species though not all gall mites are of course as harmless as occasional Blackcurrant growers or yew tree hedges attest to!

11 Jun, 2011


yep, Lime Nail Gall - and Fractal, hooray, its been so long I actually checked the membership list only yesterday to see if you'd left...

11 Jun, 2011



11 Jun, 2011


Thanks for that, our local park gardener, (and so-called expert!) said he though it was caused by the recent dry spell, I'll be able to enlighten him now, cheers people.

12 Jun, 2011

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