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i have 12 tree ferns, 8 large and 4 small, some in pots but most in the ground. i have had them for about 7 years and this year they have all died! i wrapped them in fleece, as usual, but i guess this winter was too hard. i am gutted! they were very expensive and i cannot afford to replace them. my question is could they recover? i'm guessing no, or could i plant ferns in the crown, then at least i wouldn't have to throw them away.
i look forward to your reply



Oh dear! How terrible! It was a very hard winter and lots of plants that normally survive have gone. Is it mushy inside the top of the stem? This would mean death, or maybe just give them longer to re-grow?

8 Jun, 2011


they are all dry in the crown now, they feel dead. such a shame!

10 Jun, 2011


Dry might be good! Mushy and wet is bad. Give them a little more time before giving up on them. They just had someone on Gardeners Question Time whose tree fern had survived but hadn't quite re-sprouted yet.

12 Jun, 2011

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