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can u feed any plant with tomato food



thank you

4 Jun, 2011


No is the short answer - tomato food is designed for prolific flowering/fruiting plants, so might be okay to use half strength fortnightly on annuals, but not much good on perennials or shrubs.

4 Jun, 2011


To complicate things more, "tomato foods" sold in the United States have relatively much more nitrogen than the ones sold in the UK. Our most common brands (Miracle-Gro for Tomatoes, Grow-More Tomato Food) have formulas like 18-18-20, while Tomorite, the most common in the UK (as far as I can tell) has a formula of 4-4.5-8. So many from the States would work as a general purpose plant foods, while others from the UK would be best reserved for plants that are healthy otherwise, but are being shy to bloom.

5 Jun, 2011


My tomato food is 5-5-12, Wilkinson's own, so there's quite a bit of variation even here.

5 Jun, 2011

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