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I inherited a garden with a big purple flowering broom type bush which this year following the cold winter looks dead. I would like to know its identity and what has happened. It normally produces bright purple flowers in June. My garden is located in West London UK



What shape are the flowers? trumpets? daisies? clusters? drooping racemes? large flowerheads comprised of tiny flowers? Was the plant evergreen or deciduous?

3 Jun, 2011


Could he be thinking of Ceanothus? julien.

3 Jun, 2011


Most likely, Julien, but as for which one - the description of 'purple' flowers is confusing - they're blue, of course, either light or dark, but then colour perception differs from person to person... I'm wondering about Gloire de Versailles or similar rather than the May flowering evergreen version...

3 Jun, 2011


The flowers of Gloire de Versailles are pale blue, not remotely purple.
Chamaecytisus purpureus, from southern Europe, is a broom-type shrub with purple flowers so maybe that is what we are being asked about

3 Jun, 2011


I thought that flowered in May? Does here anyway...

3 Jun, 2011


Or notospartium carmichaeliae? A not-so-hardy New Zealand large shrub

4 Jun, 2011

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