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bought a salix tree 7 yrs ago. this is how it looked. now it looks like this. any ideas as to what has happened?

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Tintwhistle, you asked this question yesterday under a different name, but had the pictures in a different order. I can't see what you're asking about. The upper photo shows a tree, and in the lower one it's been pruned.
What is it that concerns you?

1 Jun, 2011


the top pic is what it should look like now. we were told to prune it gently which we did, but can't understand why the branches are not flowing down as in top pic. all the branches are hard.

1 Jun, 2011


You've over pruned it. Just let it be to grown down naturally, though I'm not sure it will regrow from that hard a prune back.

1 Jun, 2011


Bonnington, are you also Tintwhistle and Winchester? You don't need to give yourself a new name every time you log on. Just remember the name you gave yourself and the password, then click on the blue "Log in" button instead of the green "Sign up" button and put in the name and password you used last time. All these multiple identities are confusing me!

1 Jun, 2011


You do not normally have to prune Weeping Willows - whoever told you to do that was wrong. I would not prune it again till the branches are a few inches from the ground. That will take about 8-10 years.

1 Jun, 2011

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