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what is this plant???? i bought this thinking it was a bleeding heart, it's DEFINITELY NOT, but now i have no clue what it is!!!




Well, it looks rather like phlox panticulata but I could be wrong. Have you had any flowers off it yet?

31 May, 2011


Okay Gilli, I'll give you some more info on this plant....the main stems kind of remind me of a willow twig. Each leaf is attached with a reddish leaf stem. Each leaf has very small ridges/teeth.

It seems to grow fairly quickly. What is showing in the picture is about a foot tall and has grown that much in a month. When i planted it last year, it didn't do anything. And I only planted root stems. I have not gotten any flowers off of it yet.

The root stems were packaged as Bleeding Heart...Obviously this isn't a Bleeding Heart bush....

31 May, 2011


No, obviously not Dicentra.
So the stems are twiggy or woody rather than fleshy as in a herbaceous plant? If that is the case then I can see why you would think 'Willow'. Could it be a willow? It may be a Salix daphnoides or Violet Willow.

31 May, 2011


I would have said a willow and a weed that self seeded into the pot in the nursery - shouldn't have been sold! It could be a thug.

31 May, 2011

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