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By Damow

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello In There.

Regards composting in a 'Dalek' bin. I'm making useful amounts of compost for my small but growing garden. I shovel it out all dark and unctious and smelling like the forest floor, as it should be. But....I've noticed that when it's dried out after laying on the soil surface, as a mulch say, any large clumps of it have hardened like coal, and although it does break up in the hand, it's left me wondering. Could it be something to do with the corrugated cardboard I've put in the bin? The glue that binds and all that! What do you think?



i doubt its the cardboard as longas you havnt put loads in there . it depends on everything youve put in there in general . perhaps its got to dry in there to as they should have dampness for the worms to live ie brandlings etc . im not sure thow .

26 May, 2011


it shouldnt hurt crumbled up and dug in as you say . mine is a bit dry to .

26 May, 2011


Thanks for that NP and sorry bout the late reply. Stuff goin on.

4 Jun, 2011


your welcome .

5 Jun, 2011

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