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do you need to cane broadbeans



Broad beans carry a lot of foliage and are vulnerable to strong winds. I don't cane individual plants but put a staker at each end of the row and run a couple of cords between them such that the beans are trapped between the cords.

24 May, 2011


thankyou very much for your answer, that helps me alot.

24 May, 2011


Only if they have been very naughty and you believe in corporal punishment.
We never have had to cane ours.

24 May, 2011


Great minds, Owdboggy, I couldn't resist this one, came on to say depends how naughty they are... Agree with Bulbaholic's sensible answer though.

24 May, 2011


Baked beans can be naughtier :-(

24 May, 2011

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