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Hey Guys,

So I'm new to GoY and gardening as a whole. Just last year I planted a few bits and pieces and started landscaping. However this year I have tried to continue with what seems to be a huge job and a rather large learning curve!

I have divided the back garden into three section.

1. Slate patio and container garden area
2. Plum slate with stepping stones and woodland border
3. Woodland/cottage Garden

So it's section 3 I would love some advice on. I have the following border to fill. As you can see from the pic it's far from finished and planting ready. I am trying to plan the whole border before I start planting. I would love a full cottage border with poppies, bluebells, iris', lupins, lavender, cosmos and more.

Do you guys have any ideas on what other plants and shrubs I could put in to fill out this huge border and suppress the weeds? The area is in a south facing garden with partial shade throughout the day.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.




You need some architectural plants - to give the border all year interest:


For a cottage garden look you will need perennials like:

Foxglove (actually biennial like Sweet Williams)

I like to add sunflowers as I love their flowers, Gladioli, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, herbs like Rosemary, Oregano and Chives. I would also add some topiary Yew or Box and mix these with the cottage garden look.

23 May, 2011


Be a bit careful about your choices though, as some plants like sun all day, and you've mentioned shade. Hardy Geraniums will take some shade, to add to your list.

Think about heights, to get the tall plants mostly at the back, and try to plant in threes for impact.

Do you want a colour scheme, or do you prefer to mix your colours? That needs thought, too.

Draw a sketch plan on squared paper and draw in the plants and shrubs to get an idea of what it'll look like, remembering the 'spread' of the plants.

23 May, 2011


you are right to do all the planning and basics first as this is the importent bit . welcome to grows on you byetheway x .

23 May, 2011


Thanks guys lots of food for thought and fab ideas! I have been to buy some more plants today. I now have 2 huge lupins, a large cosmo and two small ones, 2 delphiniums, hebe wiri mist, a hosta x hybrid, axillaris, Daisy, Phlox, 2x poppies, campanula and another plant I'm not sure what it is.

Problem is it sounds a lot but it barely fills a third of the space so I'm going to need some good bedding plants to do the job until things grow.

Unfortunately I bought 4 foxgloves which are just beautiful but I didn't realise they are so toxic and I have a very naughty doggy that loves to snap tall plants and parade round with them. There is a fence to stop him but he will find his way in from time to time!

23 May, 2011


he probably wont touch it to the point ofeating it unless hesapup . just keep an eye on him . the plants used to make heart medication in very small doses .

23 May, 2011


Aw NP I love your optimism. However I promise that this crazy dog would 100% eat it, he is a very very mischevious springer spaniel that loves eating, snapping, chewing and burrying plants. It is fenced off now but I cant chance it as he got in there today and went striaght towards it. Luckily I haven't planted them yet so I'm taking them to a woman at work who will give them a good home :o( Is there anything similar that isn't as toxic?

23 May, 2011


How about Verbascums? Take a look at them. I think you'll like them, and they're not toxic.

By the way, you do realise that Cosmos is an annual, do you? Next year, try growing them from seed - they germinate easily. Buying pots of Cosmos plants is sooo expensive.

I'm going to give you the address of a useful site which will tell you whether plants are toxic. I'll have to edit this message, as it's on my favourites list.

Here it is for you to copy into ypur browser.

23 May, 2011


Fantastic Verbascums absolutely what I'm looking for! I didn't know cosmos where annuals actually, oh well time to look up a link on germinating them! Thanks for the link on toxins, I see a lovely lab in your pic is it yours? If it is I bet your an expert on toxic plants, labs eat anything don't they?!

23 May, 2011


That's Henry - he's a dustbin on legs. lol. Luckily, he doesn't eat plants any more - except grass, and goosegrass as well - the weed?

He did try one of my plants when he was a puppy, and was very, very sick. :-(( I hope you'll find that site useful.

I'm pleased you like the idea of Verbascums. :-)

23 May, 2011


Well I have my own little dustbin named Otis. He loves to eat ANYTHING! His current favourite is cornflower followed by grass, then on to snapping clematis and trampling every plant in site. However his Pièce de résistance must be when he poo's in the lavender. Typical Springer Spaniel, hence why we have erected a very large fence between him and my plants!

23 May, 2011


Unusual for a Springer, isn't it? How old is he?

24 May, 2011


i haveaspringerwho haseaten everything andstill made it to 13 in may get rid of the fox gloves lol xx .

24 May, 2011


He is 3 years old, very crazy but fantastic. Springers do tend to be live wires. Some do calm down a little but my little Otis hasn't and isn't going to anytime some! :0)

NP that's great you have a Springer too, do you have any pics?

25 May, 2011


yes i do hes calmed down a bit but it took about 10 years lol . hes the boss of my pack aswell lol . ive got some films on utube if you write noseypotter in search or i must have a blog with him in . hes liver andwhite asapposed to being black andwhite . i baught him for £80 of of a gamekeeper so hes a propper working springer . if you dont find him ill put some pictures up ok misscupcake x .

26 May, 2011


Thanks NP I'll have a look, I see all your other Doggies I would love another!

26 May, 2011


id love loads but i got to be realistic but if i could id have loads .

26 May, 2011

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