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I have a large camellia which is on a large pot in ericaseous compost - have had for several years. It was dormant both last year and this and now much if it is turning yellow - is it dying off, and/or can I prune the yellow bits off?



When you say dormant do mean no flowers, do you keep it well watered and more so through the summer whilst the flower buds are forming, you could try feeding it with an ericacious feed every2/3 weeks through the growing season, have you given it sequested iron? are the leaves all going yellow or just a few branches, if so could it be yellow mottle ? ,julien.

21 May, 2011


Has it produced any new growth over the last two years, Sue? Just how big is the pot, and the plant, too? It may be ready for an upgrade, or root pruning and fresh soil.

22 May, 2011


Agree with Tugbrethil - if its been in the same pot for some time, it will have outgrown it easily by now, so either a much larger pot or put into the ground.

22 May, 2011

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