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I have a small double weeping cherry which looks very healthy but has had no blossom fro the last two years. The first year it was planted it had wonderful blossom. The next two years there have been glossy healthy leaves and no evidence of disease but no blossom. Any ideas?



its wear its getting used to its new location and if its healthy it will happen dont worry .

21 May, 2011


Fruit trees, and their kin, often spend a few years growing leaves and roots after they were planted. The first year they bloom off buds formed while it was confined to a pot.

22 May, 2011


great minds tugbrethil lol x .

22 May, 2011


Sorry, Np! I didn't parse what you wrote correctly. Oops!

23 May, 2011


dont worry itsan honest mistake x tugbrethil .

23 May, 2011

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