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Potatoes grown in deep bags....

I'm growing potatoes bags...for the first time in 20 years! I have added compost regularly...the foliage is very green and healthy looking at present.

My questions are as follows:

Do I keep adding compost so only the foliage...NOT the stems.... are showing?

How often should I water? (I keep the compost moist.)

Should I be feeding them at this point or only when the flowers appear...or at all?

I am in a hurry and know I could find this on the Net but I value GOYers advice!

Thank you!



Hello izzy, i have put some earlys in them cheap grow sacks from wilkos, once they had put a few leaves up i then covered them over and repeated this three times so now the sacks are full to the rim, and the foliage is about a foot or so in height now and are coming into flower, i also have kept them well watered, its trial and error for me to as i have not grown spuds in sacks before, but had some good advice on here by everyone, looking forward to lifting them, carnt wait lol. julien.

21 May, 2011


Im growing in sacks you have to actually cover the leaves when they start to show or just the stems?

21 May, 2011


Ah, Cookygirl, that's what I was wondering as everything I've read seems to indicate covering with compost right UP to the foliage....not actually covering OVER the leaves. Can someone verify that fact please?

Mine are almost up to the rim too, Julien, and I keep them moist. Do they need father never fed them in the ground, I don't think!

Yes, it will be interesting to see what yield...if any...they produce, Julien!

Good luck both!

21 May, 2011


growing spuds in the ground i earth them up and just leave a couple of leaves showing and have done the same with the spud sacks but have not fed them, julien.

21 May, 2011


Izzy see my answer to your query on the other potato question - sorry was away for a whole 30 hours! SRGC show in Aberdeen!

21 May, 2011

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