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Hello. I just purchased 2 Vaccinium Corymbosum Goldraub plants. I have not planted them yet because the soil is not yet prepared.

I am not sure how old the plants are. They do have new growth but don't have blueberries or flowers.

I am wondering how I should prepare the soil and what fertilizer I need to use.

For the soil I was going to use Azalea soil in half the pot. I am going to use peat moss and some other organic rich soil used for orchids. I don't know if I can get pine bark. I will also so perlite.

I would really appreciate the help!

Thank you,


On plant Vaccinium corymbosum



the soil you use for growing Azaleas will be fine, mix it with some peat if you want to, we don't use peat. No need for the perlite.

20 May, 2011

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