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By Raju

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I have grown French Beans and Cucumber from seeds and they were doing great in the pot indoors.
Today as its lovely sunny day 20 degrees in London I thought I should put them out. Sadly the leaves are all drooping and they look like they have sun burn! I have watered them again not too much. I have taken them indoors but please help what should I do as its the 1st time I have grown anything.
Thanks Raj



Hi raj,

I'm not sure that they are burnt, unless they are in direct sun all day, as the have gone droopy it sounds as if it's a watering issue. Are they in big enough pots with good drainage?

Also if they have been indoors, you need to leave them out side to harden off, that just means gradually leaving them to acclimatise gradually, they may have got a little chilly. This can take a little while, starting with a few hours at a time, building unto leaving them out allday and bringing them in over night. after a week or so leave them out side until you plant them.
You will have to do this if you are going to plant them out, and they will need to be planted out soon to get a good growing season.
Good luck with the veggies
Happy gardening.

20 May, 2011


Thank you so much for your advise. I think that they might have been left out in the sun too much and too long for the 1st time. The pots are big and good drainage. Like you said I will keep them out for few hours every day. They are in large pots, so can they not be kept in them but outside? Also should I keep them away from direct sun? All the leaves have fallen off as they were dead.
Thank you again for your reply.

24 May, 2011


Hi raj,

How are your plants today? If the leaves have dropped it doesnt sound to hopeful ,Can you drape some agricultural fleese over your pots to shade them?

They may sprout some new leaves, but it will take time, don't expect a good crop though as the plant will be putting all it's energy into growing it's leaves back.

Fingers crossed for you.

Happy gardening.

27 May, 2011


Thanks again for your reply.

Boy I have so much to learn about growing veggies. I thought more I take off leaves the better for the plants to concentrate on growing !! How wrong I was. Well my french beans and cucumber plants are still struggling :o(

Now I have few tomato plants that has grown but I am scared to put them out. Is it right time yet to put them out? They are all planted in big pots.

Look forward to hear from you.


30 May, 2011


Hi raj,

Put your toms out, nice sunny place, not too windy, if they are climbing variety they will need to be staked to canes.

Have you gat agricultural fleece to drape over them?

Pinch out shoots that appear in-between leaves and stem, if you don't the plant will sprout shoots sideways, make sure you don't take off the growing tip of plant though!!! I've done that before.
Feed every two weeks with Tom food, and hopfully you will have more luck with them.

Happy gardening.

31 May, 2011

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