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I have had a Pineapple Broom Tree for about 5 years now, it is ever so healthy and pruned each year in about October. I've tried feeding the soil with chicken pellets, or one year tried manure and one year just ignored it, and STill not one flower. The soil is quite poor draining and it only gets morning sun, but it grows rapidly each year and the leaves are beautiful.....I've even tried giving it a talking to! Please help me!!



you're pruning at the wrong time - by cutting it in October, you're cutting off next year's flowers. Needs to be pruned, if at all, immediately after flowering in spring. And they grow best in poor, dry soil, so doesn't need feeding.

18 May, 2011


Thanks for getting back to me so soon, one last thing though shall I not prune it if it doesn't flower? It seems to grow massively each year, but without flowering:(

19 May, 2011


If you want to prune it, do it immediately after when it should have flowered, but as its not flowering this year, I'd do it now. Bear in mind you should not cut into old wood, and that these plants flower more profusely if left unpruned.

20 May, 2011

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