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We bought a fairly mature amelanchier lamarckii in the autumn but it was not delivered until just after Christmas. It and a prunus we bought did very well and there was a good amount of blossom however I have just been away for 10 days and I have come back to find the leaves on the amelanchier have a faint showing of mildew (photo attached). Could somebody advise me on what I should do? It is in the corner of the garden, fairly damp but I think reasonably well drained. There are other trees and shrubs nearby,


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Spray with a fungicide that treats for mildew, or use a spray made up with 1 part full fat milk and 9 parts water.

18 May, 2011


Yea, mine get this at this time of year, doesn't seem to affect the tree, just looks a bit manky!!The leaves will still turn a gorgeous colour in the autumn.

18 May, 2011


Thank you, both of you. A nervous beginner constantly worried that everything is going to suddenly die in spite of some evidence that plants are much more robust than I think they are!


18 May, 2011


Hello - I have the exact same issue! How often should I spray with the milk/water solution?
Thanks SO much


26 Jun, 2011


Treat when you see it, repeat if it recurs.

1 Jul, 2011

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