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Hi I have a cordyline about 15feet, after the cold winter I have cut 4 heads off and back to good wood there is one trunk and has 8 palms of which 5 are throwing seed heads. would it help the palm if I remove these seed heads and give it more rest time ,or leave it alone?



Without a photo it's hard to be sure, but I suspect that what you call "seed heads" are new shoots. If you cut those off, how is the plant going to regrow?
I suggest you leave it alone and see how it shapes up. If you end up with a lot of new shoots - more than you want to grow into new branches - by all means remove some of them and select the ones that will give a balanced shape.

17 May, 2011


i suggest leaving them even if they are flower headsas thatsa healthy sign realy and they wont make much differanceandas beattie sais they could be new shoots .

18 May, 2011


I'm somewhat confused as well - you'd only have seedheads if the plants had flowered, so either what you're seeing is, as Beattie says, yet more leaf shoots, or the clumps of leaves are about to produce flowers. Suggest you leave it alone. Clip any flowers off after they've faded.

18 May, 2011


me to here here lol x .

18 May, 2011

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