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What does it mean high acid soil what does that mean and how to get that type of soil ?



it means what it sais and im not trying to be patronising . i believe you can buy any kind of compost with high acid content if you want or you can get adetives to put in the water in some cases . even thewater can be different depending wear you live . down here in my part of norfolk anyway the water is very hard which is terrible in kettles etc and not good for some plants . im sure someone like bamboo can fill you in in a lot more detail if you ask her or docbob or amy as they will all know morespecificly your answer . i hope i helped take care bye for now .also

15 May, 2011


Acidic soil is soil with a low pH anything below 7 is viewed as acidic. A highly acidic soil would have a pH of 3 or 4. Some plants require and acidic soil whilst others require and alkaline soil. A highly acidic soil will probably need treating to allow a lot of plants to grow in it. Copy and paste this link into your web browser for more info

15 May, 2011


Ericaceous plants require an acidic soil or ericaceous compost in which to thrive. Acid soil has a pH value of less than 7. These plants are also known as calcifuge, or lime-hating plants (lime being alkaline), as such, chalky or lime soil can turn the leaves of ericaceous plants yellow and may even kill them.
If you're not sure of the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of your soil, it may be worth purchasing a Soil Testing Kit to accurately asses your soil you can buy Ericaceous compost from most garden centres
Acers Camellias are plants that thrive in Ericaceous compost

15 May, 2011


As to where to get ericaceous or acidic soil your local garden centre will stock, at least they do in the UK.

15 May, 2011


i was basicly right then cool .

15 May, 2011


Yes NP you were

15 May, 2011


When you say how do you get that type of soil, yes you can buy it in bags, for planting in pots or a small area. What you can't do readily is to change the whole of your soil to high acid, except by replacing it. If you just want to grow a few acid loving plants you can exchange the soil in that area. Many acid lovers are unable to take up iron from high pH soil and have to be fed iron sulphate (or a proprietary ericaceous feed) a couple of times a year to prevent the leaves yellowing.

You can buy a little gadget with two prongs and a meter to tell you the pH of your soil - you just push the prongs into the ground and read off the scale on the meter. Not expensive and very useful.

Coffee grounds and rotted lawn mowings are both quite acid and you can use them as top dressings, but you would need a huge quantity to treat a large area.

15 May, 2011


thanx mg xx .

16 May, 2011

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