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I have a fountain in my garden the pump is underground the water just comes out and makes a mushroom shape I would like to make a fountain out of about 3 plant pots, any ides on what to do for the best effect



How about a christmas tree effect,with 3 different size pots, put blocks of wood or similar between the pots to stop them just sitting together, and something to keep the bottom 1 out of the water? the sizes would be up to you, but in my opinion the bigger the better. good luck

14 May, 2011


Xela Hi the flies I have are smaller than house flies, so I will photograph them when possible and see if anyong on GOY can identify them

14 May, 2011


why 3 plant pots you would be better with more i think and as derek sais at least the first one should be big and drop the sizeas you go up using a hose to go threw the holes in the middle to the top one . i would cement them together but leave the bottem one loseso you can get to the pump . use a spirrit level on the top of each pot and the water will come over the edges nice and evenly or you could blatently put them on the wonk so the water goes wear you want . be great for growing some plantsespecialy water cress which loves running water and ofcourse you can eat it .im not sure what you mean about the pump underground ? if you mean a pond ofsome sort you will need some strong wire mesh to go over it with bricks to hold it up . you can then put pebbeles over the wire to act as a filet and also look nice .

15 May, 2011

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