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By Willam

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would it be possible to rotavate a plot on a allotment which is full of weeds and thick grass without affecting the soil. and when could i start planting seeds and seedlings



If the ground contains weeds such as ground ivy or bindweed rotivating it would create a weeding nightmare as each fragment of root has the potential to grow into a young plant. My preference would be to spray with a systemic weedkiller which doesn't affect the soil, then plant the ground up when all weeds have died.

14 May, 2011


It would be possible, but not a good idea. You need to get the weeds out BEFORE rotovating or all the chopped up bits will grow and it will be worse than before.

14 May, 2011


thanks for your advice i will try systemic weedkiller first

14 May, 2011


You may well still have to dig roots of weeds like dandelions out William, they seem to survive most things!

14 May, 2011


Definitely don't rotivate...I double dug a derelict garden when we moved house last year, thinking to get to grips with the weeds...and all the roots have come home to roost!

14 May, 2011


You can double dig but you must remove the roots of the weeds as you go.

14 May, 2011

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