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I have acquired 4 tiny aloe vera plants but not sure how to look after them, what are their likes and dislikes please?




they need to go in either cactus or succulent compost if they aren't already, and keep warm and water accordinly. I've just started growing some from seed, and they need humidity but i don't think you need to keep yours in humidity. hope this helps.

14 May, 2011


This to me looks more like Aloe variegata, {partridge breasted aloe} than aloe vera, which has lighter green leaves and without the banding, and more of them in each rosette.
Assuming it is aloe variegata, it likes a dry atmosphere and is probably better grown as a houseplant than in the moist atmosphere of a greenhouse, they grow well in john innes no2 compost, they require a minimum winter temperature of 41deg f and just enough water to keep them moist

14 May, 2011


And will sit happily outside for the summer, to add to Derekm's comments, with which I agree.

14 May, 2011


Thankyou! Much appreciated. (by the way, do they take a long time to grow?)

15 May, 2011


No particularly slow nor fast. They should have doubled their size at least by the end of summer I'd imagine.

15 May, 2011


I agree, I don't think its aloe vera. If you want an actual aloe vera send me a pm.

15 May, 2011


I agree with Derekm in that its much more likely to be Aloe variegata - it's an attractive plant

15 May, 2011


first this plant does not seem like an aloe vera. aloe vera plant is thick, abundant, spiny-edged, fleshy, light
green leaves emerge in a rosette on a very short stem.

Aloe Vera Small an average plant takes 7-8 months to mature. if its an aloe vera keep in the shaded sun.

hope this is useful please visit my page in few days for more about aloe vera.

have a great day

25 Oct, 2011

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