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I have an arch with a trellis up both sides the trellis is 450mm deep and 2500mm high. I also have a wish to grow a grape vine or two. Would it be possible to grow vines on this arch?



You will need a very strong trellis to grow a grape vine on and, if you actually want grapes, you need to prune back each year.

13 May, 2011


apserlutly know problem . i have an ornimentle grape vine that is all over my back garden and i love it . id say your arch is ideal . maybe you could get a different veriaty each side .

13 May, 2011


Many thanks for the advice, two types of grapes and years with a pair of secatures it is then.

Mike B.

13 May, 2011


Um, I disagree - one grapevine is more than enough on such a small arch - they can cover a massive area, so unless you want it spreading over the whole garden, I wouldn't recommend it.

13 May, 2011


I agree with Bamboo! One grapevine will more than cover an arch like that. In fact, I would look for varieties that take "spur" pruning, since they can be kept smaller than other kinds and still fruit.

14 May, 2011


if you grow them for fruit you should be able to keep 2 easy . if not then perhaps not as mine is at least a 100 feet long . everyoneto there own i guess .

15 May, 2011

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