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I am new to gardening but have managed to grow a meconopsis himalayan blue poppy but it is slightly drooping can you help and also can you tell me how and when do i collect the seeds and when would i sow them. Do I need ericacheous soil for this plant. Thankyou.



Mecs. do droop, it is to keep the constant rain, where they grown naturally, out of their flowers. That said they need to be in a semi shady position not full sun. Once the flower has died back a long slender seed pod will appear, keep a watch on this and when it is brown remove. In the wild the seed would be sown immediately and I would suggest you sow your seed right away - fresh seed tends to germinate far better than stored seed.

7 May, 2011


Well done Gs! I've tried to grow these from seed this year and nothing at all has germinated. Pat yourself on the back, or bless your luck! I hope your poppies grow well for you from now on. :-)

7 May, 2011


If you only sowed them this year, Beattie, I would not expect them to have germinated yet. May be a couple of years before they appear so keep them moist and shaded.

7 May, 2011


OK, thanks Bulbaholic. I put them in the fridge for a few weeks earlier on and now their seed tray is in a plastic bag on a sunless windowsill. Perhaps I'd better put them in shade in the garden if I have to wait that long. I could give them another spell in the fridge. Would that hurry them up, do you think?

7 May, 2011


Beattie Mec. seed does not need stratification. Put the tray, sans plastic bag outside somewhere shady.

7 May, 2011


OK thanks MG :-) I have lots of shady spots outdoors.

7 May, 2011

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