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Growing a Salix indoors.


By Nikvyas

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I bought a Salix "Hakiro-nishiki" last week and, because it is so lovely, I was wondering how easy/feasible it would be to keep it in a pot in my hallway? I realise it is deciduous, but if I leave it outside every other day, would it be OK?

btw - I live in England (if that makes any difference).




Hi Nikvyas and welcome to GoY. Sorry but your Salix would not be at all happy in your hallway. These are outdoor trees and will get over heated in a house, not receive enough light and rapidly drop their leaves. Moving in and out will just totally confuse the poor thing. Look for a nice house plant/shrub for indoor use.

5 May, 2011


Thanks Moon Grower.

I can appreciate that they might get overheated in the winter. However, in the spring/summer there is unlikely to be much of a difference between outside and indoor temperature - if I leave it outside for a couple of hours a day during the spring/summer, so that it gets enough sunlight and then leave it outside all day every day during the autumn/winter, will that work?

5 May, 2011


No, sorry, it just won't. The light levels indoors, even in what we perceive as a bright room, are nowhere near as high as outdoors, even on an overcast day. This is a beautiful and expensive plant and it would be a shame to keep it languishing indoors.

5 May, 2011


Ok, thanks for your help.

5 May, 2011


Plant it in the ground and enjoy... find a nice house shrub for your hallway...

5 May, 2011

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