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hiya I hope someone can give me a bit of advice on what to plant in two large stone urns at each side of my front door. Its an old georgian type house and I wanted something that would have a trailing habit to make it look more in keeping with the house. I planted them up with annuals last year but its missing that established look they seem to need (if that makes sense?) I heard theres a trailing hydrangea? oh and just to add more complications I would like it to flower in summer. Id appreciate any advice you have thankyou



Sun or shade? Exposed to cold northerly or easterly winds?

5 May, 2011


And size of urns, i.e. how much space inside.

5 May, 2011


oops just working the site out. The urns would hold about 2ft by 3ft of compost and stand about 4ft tall. They are east facing and have sun until about 12 noon. thankyou for your patience

5 May, 2011


Hmm, the problem you have (and hopefully Moon Grower, who lives in Scotland, will confirm or deny) is that's a very cold place for a plant to be in the winter - you risk the roots being frozen and the plant dying. The size of pots isn't a problem, plenty of attractive permanent shrubs will be fine in them, but whether you'd get them through the winter in an east facing situation is another matter. Were it me, I'd stick to summer planting and then some winter planting - small evergreens in winter, so that if they do die, you've not lost a lot of money. About the only thing you could be pretty sure would survive would be Hedera helix varieties, which certainly will tumble down the pots, but ivy's not a stunningly attractive solution.
Summer bedding which will tumble down includes Convulvulus sabatius, surfinia petunias, trailing lobelia.

6 May, 2011

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