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3 year's ago I planted crocosmia lucifer, globe master allium and large agapanthus in large container pots in a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden.
Every year they have flourished and spread, having more flowers each spring/summer.
However, to my upset, this spring none of them have shooted. There's nothing there at all, and the allium and agapanthus should be almost ready to flower now, never mind not grown.
I dug in the crocosmia pot and found a bulb that seemed mushy and dead... so is it likely that all 3 of these bulb plants were killed in the heavy frost and freezing conditions we had this winter?
Everything else in the garden is hanging on in there and growing as normal.
Many thanks.



Unfortunately you haven't said what part of the UK you're in, but if you're somewhere north of London, the likelihood is that the pots and compost froze solid for longer than a week and the bulbs/roots were destroyed. If they'd been in the ground, they'd probably have survived and be growing now.

2 May, 2011


Ahhh apologies, new to the site - I'm in Cambridgeshire, so north of London yes.
Thank you for confirming what I'd thought.

2 May, 2011


Welcome to Goy I didnt think anything could destroy Crocosmia lucifer! LOL

2 May, 2011


I lost some crocosmia lucifer also to the bad weather in Lincolnshire no shoots at all in one border that was fairly prolific for years. Darned frost got quite a lot of plants this year, think the length of time and the harshness combined to do in some shrubs and plants. Will re plant and try again with Lucifer ( I loved the colour it gave me )

2 May, 2011

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